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Beijing Winsome Translation Co., Ltd. is always in search for part-time translators / interpreters in various fields.

Application requirements for translators:

Be familiar with the terminology and expression in the fields including law, mining, energy, finance and economics, financial, automotive, environment, management, information communication technology, travel, transportation and cargo transport (air transportation, rail transportation, road transportation, shipping), and governmental official documents;

have relevant professional background, and preferably have master degree or above in relevant fields or work for relevant professional organizations;

Be conscientious and responsible, and have a strict sense of confidentiality;

Have excellent ability of expression in writing;

Be able to meet the file delivery deadline;

Have rich experience of translation; be able to work well with people, and have development potential;

Be willing to listen to people's opinions with an open mind, and seek continuous improvement;

Be willing to take translation tests.

Application requirements for interpreters:
Required interpretation categories: simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation,
ordinary interpretation, escort interpretation, conference & exhibition interpretation, etc.

Required languages: English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, etc.

University undergraduates and above; majors in relevant foreign languages with TEM-8 or equivalent
certificate; a certificate of the 2nd grade interpreter issued by the Ministry of Personnel is a plus;

Good listening and speaking ability of foreign languages, and rich experience in interpretation and good
skill in two-way interpretation of Chinese and foreign languages;

Fluency in speaking foreign languages with good pronunciation and smooth expression;

Over three years of interpretation experience;
conscientiousness and attention to details, quick thinking and strong sense of responsibility.