Written translation

Business articles: Press release, daily briefing offer, news highlights, news reports for leaders, speech draft for distinguished guests, exhibition coverage, QA and publications etc.
Such as: PRAP, Bright Public Relations, Ogilvy, Canon, Panasonic, ABB, Zhenwei Exhibitions, Rayli, AUDITOIRE and so on.

Law/finance articles:Contract, agreement, confidentiality agreement, articles of association, merger agreement, acquisition agreement, asset purchase, due diligence, share purchase and financing etc.
Such as: Mason Investments, Paul Hasting, Morrison and Foerster, Everbright etc.

Literature/training articles:Celebrity interview, self-description, academic works, literary works, teaching program and course training etc.
Such as: Shuguang Culture Publishing, CITIC People Newspaper, Guanghua School of Management, etc.

Technology/patent related articles:Product manual, technical information, material for equipment erection and production line, patent literature etc.
Such as: Audi, Itochu, GE, Toyota, Liu, Shen & Associates etc.

Biology and Medicine articles:Drug directions, drug test report, chemical composition, IEC report and medical journal etc.
Such as: Siemens, GE, Bayer, Lilai Pharmaceutical, Occupational Health Center etc.

Note: The articles of other types will not be mentioned one by one here. Please forgive us. Thank you.

 Oral interpretation

1、Simultaneous interpretation:Large meeting, press conference, lecture, industry forum/seminar
Such as: CCTV6, ETG, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, PUMA, HNZ and www.gasgoo.com etc.

2、Alternative interpretation:Medium meeting, business negotiation, technical exchange
Such as: Shangri-la Hotel, the Peninsular Hotels, Embassy of Finland etc.

3、Work accompanying:Participate in exhibitions, visit factories and engineering sites
Such as: National Tourism Administration, Honeywell, National Convention Center, Agricultural Exhibition Center etc.