Why Winsome Translation?

A.Targeted industrial solutions

We specialize in six major industries including legal, IT, automotive, pharmaceutical, finance and automation. Our standardized work flow ensures that we efficiently complete every project with high quality. From the moment we accept the job, we assign dedicated resources to manage the project, confirm translation specifications, and analyze the specialization level of the materials. We then choose translators most suitable to the special disciplines or fields to achieve a good match in a real sense. For long-term and regular customers we have developed a special glossary list for each to ensure style consistency and uniqueness.

B.Strong resources advantage

We have a high caliber professional team consisting of 600 full-time and part-time translators, 120 interpreters, 60 stenographers and 26 consecutive interpreters, and 76 of them are native foreign language speakers (English, Japanese, Germany, French and Korean). With regards to conference simultaneous interpretation equipment, we have 12 Bosch 2nd generation control units (central controller, infrared transmitter, interpreter set, radiation panel, interpretation booth), and 1500 sets of headphone and 150 sets of conference call system.

C.Rigorous proofreading process

All translated text must go through dual stringent language and technical proofreading. From the completion of the first draft to the final review, and from proofreading to examination and finalization, every step is completed through coordination and cooperation in a bid to secure the most precise expression to capture even the subtle difference between words.

D.Perfect DTP

We are proficient in DTP software including InDesign、FrameMaker、QuarkExpress、PageMaker、Microsoft、Photoshop、Dreamweaver、Corel Draw、AutoCAD and Illustrator, which enables us to maintain the consistency between the source language format and that of the target language.

E.Constant attention to industrial trends

Translation is not only conversion of languages; rather, it reflects a level of cognition of cultures. The translation industry has its own special characteristics and professional features; moreover, it is innovating and developing every day, thus posing increasingly demanding requirements for those in the industry – accurate translation is not enough; understanding and mastery of constantly emerging terms and technologies is necessary. We constantly pay attention to the latest trends of the industry, and integrate international language communication with latest international trends to pursue "language localization, industrial informationization, and high quality".

F.Localization solutions with distinguishing features

Our IT department is good at assessing various Web technologies, conducting auditing, verification and testing work, and providing consultation and training for customers hoping to improve their websites and software development capability. The only way for companies to turn the unlimited business opportunities provided by the internet into capital is to localize their product and Web information so that they cater to the requirements of readers throughout the world in terms of multiple languages, business practices and cultural customs. Localization is definitely not only translation but a complete transformation in language, technology and culture of companies' products and information to adapt to the target market.

G.Strict confidentiality

A confidentiality agreement signed by both parties – In the process of translation, our staff and translators involved commit to keep customers' documents confidential and to assume compensation responsibility for any information leakage.
Document control – All the documents are numbered for identification to increase the difficulty of access by anyone other than the dedicated administrators, and are under the uniform management of dedicated personnel.
Hardware control – No one except for the qualified administrators is allowed to have floppy drive or CD-ROM installed in his/her computer, or is allowed to connect storage media to his/her computer without permission.