Translation Service

Translation categories

Translation categories: business, technical, legal

Specialized Areas

Governmental, finance, legal, securities, patent, construction, IT, communication, computer software, life science, automotive, machinery, energy, chemicals and textiles. Main functions of customers involved: international business, legal office, import & export, marketing, R&D center, human resources, purchasing, tendering & bidding, etc.

Types of Document

Multiple types of document including project tendering & bidding documents, contracts and agreements, media materials (news release, interview, QA, news briefing), product instructions, patent, scientific research reports, meeting reports, technical information, engineering drawings and website information.

Service Level

Reference translator①
Standard translator②
Expert translator③


①Criteria: qualification – graduates majoring in relevant foreign languages; quality standard – basically accurate conveyance of meaning; suitable for files for reference of internal employees.

②Criteria: qualification – masters or PhDs of relevant foreign languages with translation experience of at least 5 years; can accomplish two-way translation with ease; regularly receive technical training and can satisfy higher quality requirements of customers; quality standard – accurate conveyance of meaning, fluent rendering of text, and language proficiency is close to native level of the target language; suitable for the relatively important publicity materials, and legal and technical files.

③Criteria: qualification – foreigners who are native speakers of the target language with a good command of China; quality standard – fluent rendering of text, language is of the native language level, and are capable of meeting document requirements of the nation of the target language; suitable for files with high purity requirements for the target language, especially legal, industrial and technical, and official documents.


Project preparationobtain translation samples or source filesconfirm the translation areamake project proposal and planxtract glossaryidentify translatorssign the contractdeliver the filequality feedbackproject summarysettlement.

Advantageous Service

1、Large project management ——our project department has translated a large number of technical documents, and has accumulated a great deal of terminology and many experienced translators. We create an independent database for every customer so that it can be shared when multiple translators are involved in the same project.

2、Onsite service ——for our customers' important domestic and overseas projects, we send suitable language specialists to provide onsite service based on the needs of our customers, assisting our customers' engineers or other personnel in business development and providing real time professional language service.

3、Confidentiality agreement ——during the process of translation, our staff and translators involved are all committed to protecting the confidentiality nature of customers' files, and would bear indemnity responsibility if any leakage of information occurs. We assign identification numbers to all our files under the control of dedicated personnel, adding the access difficulty for non-dedicated management personnel.