Listening and Translation Service

Winsome Translation provides relevant service in multilingual listening and translation, subtitle production and voice dubbing.


Corporate video clips / product demonstration / interviews / teaching courses / audio books / advertising / television program, etc.

We provide various video and audio medium solutions covering listening and translation, voice dubbing and subtitle addition of video tapes, VCDs or DVDs script, and supporting post-production of multimedia CD-ROMs of various formats and software platforms. We have a full set of equipment for multimedia localization tasks, with a sampling rate of 8,000k to 9,600k, and stereo or mono containing 8- to 16-bit audio. We also have broadcasters of different levels. We can choose well-trained professionals form our resource database or leading multimedia service organizations in the country to satisfy different voice dubbing needs of our customers. All post-production and synchronization is completed in the recording studios of television stations, and has the highest professional level in the industry in China. Therefore, once you trust us with important tasks, you will feel the amazing power of technology and enjoy outstanding service quality.